MSE cameras go deep into Ajanta Caves

Matthews Studio Equipment announced that they have just shipped their Hi-Hi Overhead Stand to Mumbai to support award-winning photographer Aneesh Bhasin’s shoot of the Ajanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When Bhasin was commissioned to shoot the caves, he contacted MSE for support, having previously seen the company’s equipment at work on Slumdog Millionaire. Over several months, Bhasin will be shooting the caves with two Nikon D3 cameras, customized software and a variety of MSE equipment.

“For this project, I need to capture every inch of these caves, so that the shots can be used to generate over 30,000 square feet of canvas,” he explains. “This will become a life-size archival documentation, a replica, for people who cannot go all the way up to the original caves but want to see this history. I need support that will stand up to this time-consuming shoot.”

Robert Kulesh, MSE’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains that “the Hi-Hi Overhead Stand would give him the height, strength and stability he needed.”

The exhibit is expected to be up and running by middle to late 2012.

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